Business Meeting

Host: Natalie Schluter, Hinrich Schütze, Shiqi Zhao

Live QA: Jul 6 (15:45-16:15 GMT) [Livestream (Recorded)]

Secretary's report

Shiqi Zhao

Office Manager's report

Priscilla Rasmussen

Treasurer's report

David Yarowsky

Conference Officer's report

Barbara Di Eugenio

Report of SIGs/BIG

Anna Korhonen

Report of CL journal

Hwee Tou Ng

Report of TACL journal

Mark Johnson, Brian Roark, Ani Nenkova

Report of EACL

Sharon Goldwater

Report of NAACL

Colin Cherry

Report of AACL

Haifeng Wang

Report of the Professional Code of Conduct

Graeme Hirst, Emily Bender

Equity Director's report

Natalie Schluter

Report of ACL2021

Chengqing Zong

Report of ACL2022

Rada Mihalcea

Report of ACL2023

Tim Baldwin