W10: Representation Learning for NLP (RepL4NLP)

Emma Strubell, Spandana Gella, Marek Rei, Johannes Welbl, Fabio Petroni, Patrick Lewis, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Kyunghyun Cho, Edward Grefenstette, Karl Moritz Hermann, Laura Rimell, Chris Dyer, Isabelle Augenstein

Live Session 1: Jul 9 (08:00-09:45 GMT)
Live Session 2: Jul 9 (14:00-17:00 GMT)
Live Session 3: Jul 10 (00:00-03:00 GMT)
The 5th Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP is a large workshop on vector space models of meaning, neural networks, spectral methods, with interdisciplinary keynotes, posters, panel.

Time (PDT) Event Speakers
9 Jul, 1:00 AM-1:15 AM Session 1 - Welcome and Opening Remarks
9 Jul, 1:15 AM-2:45 AM Poster Session 1
9 Jul, 7:00 AM-7:15 AM Session 2 - Welcome and Opening Remarks
9 Jul, 7:15 AM-7:45 AM Invited talk Q&A Ellie Pavlick
9 Jul, 7:45 AM-8:00 AM Break
9 Jul, 8:00 AM-8:30 AM Invited talk Q&A Evelina Fedorenko
9 Jul, 8:30 AM-10:00 AM Poster Session 2
9 Jul, 5:00 PM-5:15 PM Session 3 - Welcome and Opening Remarks
9 Jul, 5:15 PM-5:45 PM Invited talk Q&A Kristina Toutanova
9 Jul, 5:45 PM-6:00 PM Break
9 Jul, 6:00 PM-6:30 PM Invited talk Q&A Mike Lewis
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Pre-recorded Talks

Zero-Resource Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition

Zihan Liu, Genta Indra Winata and Pascale Fung

Word Embeddings as Tuples of Feature Probabilities

Siddharth Bhat, Alok Debnath, Souvik Banerjee and Manish Shrivastava

Compositionality and Capacity in Emergent Languages

Abhinav Gupta, Cinjon Resnick, Jakob Foerster, Andrew Dai and Kyunghyun Cho

Learning Geometric Word Meta-Embeddings

Pratik Jawanpuria, Satya Dev N T V, Anoop Kunchukuttan and Bamdev Mishra

Adversarial Training for Commonsense Inference

Lis Pereira, Xiaodong Liu, Fei Cheng, Masayuki Asahara and Ichiro Kobayashi

Exploring the Limits of Simple Learners in Knowledge Distillation for Document Classification with DocBERT

Ashutosh Adhikari, Achyudh Ram, Raphael Tang, William L. Hamilton and Jimmy Lin

A Metric Learning Approach to Misogyny Categorization

Juan Manuel Coria, Sahar Ghannay, Sophie Rosset and Hervé Bredin

On the Choice of Auxiliary Languages for Improved Sequence Tagging

Lukas Lange, Heike Adel and Jannik Strötgen

Adversarial Alignment of Multilingual Models for Extracting Temporal Expressions from Text

Lukas Lange, Anastasiia Iurshina, Heike Adel and Jannik Strötgen

On Dimensional Linguistic Properties of the Word Embedding Space

Vikas Raunak, Vaibhav Kumar, Vivek Gupta and Florian Metze

A Cross-Task Analysis of Text Span Representations

Shubham Toshniwal, Haoyue Shi, Bowen Shi, Lingyu Gao, Karen Livescu and Kevin Gimpel

Enhancing Transformer with Sememe Knowledge

Yuhui Zhang, Chenghao Yang, Zhengping Zhou and Zhiyuan Liu

Evaluating Compositionality of Sentence Representation Models

Hanoz Bhathena, Angelica Willis and Nathan Dass

Supertagging with CCG primitives

Aditya Bhargava and Gerald Penn

What's in a Name? Are BERT Named Entity Representations just as Good for any other Name?

Sriram Balasubramanian, Naman Jain, Gaurav Jindal, Abhijeet Awasthi and Sunita Sarawagi

On the Ability of Self-Attention Networks to Recognize Counter Languages

Satwik Bhattamishra, Kabir Ahuja and Navin Goyal

Variational Inference for Learning Representations of Natural Language Edits

Edison Marrese-Taylor, Machel Reid and Yutaka Matsuo

Predicting Sexual and Reproductive Health of Migrants using Data Science

Amber Nigam, Pragati Jaiswal, Teertha Arora, Uma Girkar and Leo Anthony Celi

Job Recommendation through Progression of Job Selection

Amber Nigam, Aakash Roy, Hartaran Singh and Arpan Saxena

A Simple Approach to Learning Unsupervised Multilingual Embeddings

Pratik Jawanpuria, Mayank Meghwanshi and Bamdev Mishra

AI4Bharat-IndicNLP Dataset: Monolingual Corpora and Word Embeddings for Indic Languages: Monolingual Corpora and Word Embeddings for Indic Languages

Anoop Kunchukuttan, Divyanshu Kakwani, Satish Golla, Gokul N.C., Avik Bhattacharyya, Mitesh M. Khapra and Pratyush Kumar

Invited Talk 1

Kristina Toutanova

Invited Talk 2

Ellie Pavlick

Invited Talk 3

Mike Lewis

Invited Talk 4

Evelina Fedorenko