W17: Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP)

Lun-Wei Ku, Cheng-Te Li

Live Session: Jul 10 (16:05-23:35 GMT)
The Eighth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP 2020). Check out social NLP tech from experts, researches and applications, plus resources for you to play in challenge EmotionX from SocialNLP!

Time (PDT) Event Speakers
10 Jul, 9:05 AM-9:10 AM Openinig Lun-Wei Ku
10 Jul, 9:10 AM-10:00 AM Managing Information and Debunking Misinformation in the Time of Covid-19 Pascale Fung
10 Jul, 10:00 AM-10:10 AM Q&A
10 Jul, 10:50 AM-11:08 AM Enhancing Bias Detection in Political News using Pragmatic Presupposition Lalitha Kameswari
10 Jul, 11:08 AM-11:10 AM Q&A
10 Jul, 11:10 AM-11:28 AM Demoting Racial Bias in Hate Speech Detection Mengzhou Xia
10 Jul, 11:28 AM-11:30 AM Q&A
10 Jul, 11:30 AM-11:48 AM NARMADA: Need and Available Resource Managing Assistant for Disasters and Adversities Sayan Sinha
10 Jul, 11:48 AM-11:50 AM Q&A
10 Jul, 11:50 AM-12:08 PM BEEP! Korean Corpus of Online News Comments for Toxic Speech Detection Jihyung Moon
10 Jul, 12:08 PM-12:10 PM Q&A
10 Jul, 12:10 PM-12:28 PM Stance Prediction for Contemporary Issues: Data and Experiments Marjan Hosseinia
10 Jul, 12:28 PM-12:30 PM Q&A
10 Jul, 2:00 PM-2:15 PM EmotionGIF Challenge Boaz Shmueli
10 Jul, 2:15 PM-2:20 PM Q&A
10 Jul, 2:20 PM-3:00 PM Participants Flash
10 Jul, 3:30 PM-3:48 PM Challenges in Emotion Style Transfer: An Exploration with a Lexical Substitution Pipeline David Helbig
10 Jul, 3:48 PM-3:50 PM Q&A
10 Jul, 3:50 PM-4:08 PM Incorporating Uncertain Segmentation Information into Chinese NER for Social Media Text Shengbin Jia
10 Jul, 4:08 PM-4:10 PM Q&A
10 Jul, 4:10 PM-4:28 PM Multi-Task Supervised Pretraining for Neural Domain Adaptation Sara Meftah
10 Jul, 4:28 PM-4:30 PM Q&A
10 Jul, 4:30 PM-4:35 PM Closing Lun-Wei Ku
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Pre-recorded Talks