Cross-Lingual Semantic Role Labeling with High-Quality Translated Training Corpus

Hao Fei, Meishan Zhang, Donghong Ji

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Semantics: Sentence Level Long Paper

Session 12A: Jul 8 (08:00-09:00 GMT)
Session 13A: Jul 8 (12:00-13:00 GMT)
Abstract: Many efforts of research are devoted to semantic role labeling (SRL) which is crucial for natural language understanding. Supervised approaches have achieved impressing performances when large-scale corpora are available for resource-rich languages such as English. While for the low-resource languages with no annotated SRL dataset, it is still challenging to obtain competitive performances. Cross-lingual SRL is one promising way to address the problem, which has achieved great advances with the help of model transferring and annotation projection. In this paper, we propose a novel alternative based on corpus translation, constructing high-quality training datasets for the target languages from the source gold-standard SRL annotations. Experimental results on Universal Proposition Bank show that the translation-based method is highly effective, and the automatic pseudo datasets can improve the target-language SRL performances significantly.
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