Hypernymy Detection for Low-Resource Languages via Meta Learning

Changlong Yu, Jialong Han, Haisong Zhang, Wilfred Ng

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Semantics: Lexical Short Paper

Session 6B: Jul 7 (06:00-07:00 GMT)
Session 8A: Jul 7 (12:00-13:00 GMT)
Abstract: Hypernymy detection, a.k.a, lexical entailment, is a fundamental sub-task of many natural language understanding tasks. Previous explorations mostly focus on monolingual hypernymy detection on high-resource languages, e.g., English, but few investigate the low-resource scenarios. This paper addresses the problem of low-resource hypernymy detection by combining high-resource languages. We extensively compare three joint training paradigms and for the first time propose applying meta learning to relieve the low-resource issue. Experiments demonstrate the superiority of our method among the three settings, which substantially improves the performance of extremely low-resource languages by preventing over-fitting on small datasets.
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